No beginning, no end
and nothing in between:
how do you tell a story like that?
This gun in your hand is gettin heavy,
and it’s gettin heavier
as you makin your decision –
yeah, you’re making that decision
and that’s what makes it so…


Time counts down and that gun is a bitch now –
your hand starts to shake,
as you tryna keep it leveled to your arm;
your arm, you keep leveled to your shoulder;
and your shoulder,
how much can it take, before the pain takes over?
There’s a chain reaction about to happen,
everything is about to change,
and still,
you believe


There’s a depth far away within you,
this uncontrollable force,
a black hole, pullin you inside
until there’s no trace of you left –
no beginning, no end
and nothing in between.
You are a night wind,
a deaf blink of an eye,
strange memories of wiggling leaves,
broken mirrors,
a world that’s lookin’ back.
Make a move, boy.
In this empty moment,
you are a particle of hope
hiding a universe inside
for a big bang.

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